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Flyer by: Irena Ocepek i Igor Nardin 2006. Photos: Maja Jelušić

The Hvar'oo m art gallery was opened in 2000 in the old family house on the Hvar main sqaure, attached to the old theater.
At first it was situtated on the Belvedere terrace but later, in order to offer more spacious exhibiton room, it was removed to the first floor.
The former gallery room nowadays houses caffe bar Teraca where the exhibition activities occasionally still take place, in addition to other forms of entertainment such as „Saloon Chess“ World Championship, already held for four consecutive years during the low season period.

Resembling an art studio or a creative room which also serves as a living space, the gallery hosts exhibitions of Maja Jelušić and Ana Kolega. Over the last couple of years it also featured photo exhibits of  Ivo Vučetić, Filip Bubalo and Marko Jelušić. Apart from paintings, the gallery also offers a variety of textile articles (T-shirts, pareos, dresses and pillows with applications of local Hvar stories and nicknames), author postcards and the poetry book Come on, don't let it to.
More interestingly, the gallery also offers the florist services and designs flower arrangements thus continuing the tradition of the ex-florist Maja which, as the only hvar flower-shop, and „our piazza“ landmark, has worked continually for 20 years.

In the occasion of the 10th anniversary, we present some of the old and new creations made by HVAROOM and its friends, passers-by and piazza characters, as well as of the events, which, one way or another, remained written in Hvaroom memento.

Warm  regards,
Maja and Hvaroom

Eksterijer, photo by: Filip Bubalo, 2010.

Photo by; Damjan Tadić, 2006.

Photo by: Ivo Vucetic, 2007.

Photo by: Maja Jelušić, 2006.

Blue for us by Marko Jelusic and Maja Jelusic 2011.

Photo by: Filip Bubalo, 2010.

photo by Ivo Vucetic, 2010.

Black and white cubes in Riva hotel terace by Maja Jelušić 2010.

Composition in black by Maja Jelušić 2009.

Poster for chess 2006-2009 by: Ivo Vučetić  and Marko Jelušić. Champions: Car, Car, Zana, Boćin.

Exhibition in Osijek by Krešo Lendić, Ivo Vučetić, Ana Kolega and Maja Jelušić, 2006.

T - shirts- niknames by Ivo Vučetić and Maja Jelušić, 2009.

T - shirts- niknames by Ivo Vučetić and Maja Jelušić, 2008.

Katedrala blue by Maja Jelušić, 2010.

Katedrala blue by Maja Jelušić, 2005.

Posters for exhibition of inscription by Maja Jelušić and Marin Tudor, 2008.

Hvaroom little garden by Maja Jelušić, 2007.

Ivan and Ana's wedding, flowers by Hvaroom, Photo by Ivo Vučetić 2010.

Ivan and Ana's wedding, flowers by Hvaroom, Photo by Ivo Vučetić 2010.

Rose 1 by Maja Jelušić 2006.

Agava and lavandas decoration by Vesna Jelušić 2004.

Vitraj by Maja Jelušić 2000, photo by Dijana Hadasija 2006.

Exhibition 13 by 13, 2006.

ĐiĐi-character creation-visualization by Maja Jelušić i Ivo Vučetić 2009.